Piles of OEM Nissan looms

If you can't find lighting and wiper switches, the only choice is to rebuild them. We know the techniques necesary to make them last. We have the switches or can rebuild your parts.
Tip: To make your electrical sockets weather resistant, use a small amount of synthetic grease into the connections.
If your dash lights go out, did you rear break lights go also? If so, there are many places that could be causing the short or a short fuse.

New Nissan wiring looms for Z cars are not available. Aftermarket products can be found but are they accurate enough and affordable ? We have original looms that we inspect for usability and will install them correctly. There is no need to splice in dissimilar light sockets because we have the correctones.
Rebuilt wiper controls

70-74 front turn indicator
74 - 78 rear light assy.