Street prep
Here at Z Specialties, we are a full service repair shop, ranging from oil changes to engine rebuilds and full restorations.

We can meet any performance level you desire. Many engine builders can do a good job, but few know that these L-series engines were derived from Mercedes diesel engines and require precise measurements. They cannot be built as you would a American motor.

Only the highest quality parts will go into your drivetrain. Factory Nissan parts are the prefered choice. If they are not available, we will use the best after market parts. These parts often come from the original sub-contractors.

We refuse to do "cheap work" but you will keep your arms and legs.
We are skilled in the following levels of preparation:
  • Stock
  • Concours/Factory Original
  • High Performance
  • Race and Custom Modifications

  • Turn your Z from mild to wild!
Race Preped B Prodction Engine
Here''s a example of an engine: triple Mikunis, balanced internals, our stage 2 cam, stiffer valve springs and ceramic coated 6-1 tuned headers. Do you want a reliable  200 BHP @ 7,000 RPM?
Arias KA24 Piston for a 3.1 Liter
Stage 1 cam