We can revive your Z car.

Roadster prototype

Mr. Yutaka Katayama
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Mr Yutaka Katayamay

We have worked on and restored many st, 2nd and 3rd generation Z cars. We even restore 610 pickups and the venerable Datsun Roadster.

Fairlady 432, 1967

Since 1986 Z Specialties has been working to restore and improve on the Nissan Fairlaidy. Since 1969 to present there have been several model changes.

Our goal is to preserve these early models and restore them to there former glory and perhaps a little more. The Fairlady was designed to go fast and never break down.

If you just want a clean and reliable daily driver we can supply any part and perform what ever techanical repairs and improvements you desire.

And if you want a bit more we can build a stroker monster with extream G force handeling we can do that too.