Alternator High Output 125 Amp 70-83

Code: 15009-EPEE

Fits all L engine z’s from 70-83. Produces approx. 60 amps at 550 rpm, reaches peak of 125 amps at approx. 2300 rpm. No wiring mods are necessary. They bolt right onto your z or zx without mods. New ends do have to be put on the wires and they come with the alternator. Cars w/ external regulator, just unplug it and remove it, it’s that simple. Best units on the market today.


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These high output alternators that we sell are a Z Specialties Exclusive. They are brand new, not a rebuilt item. We have them custom made and we modify the case so it makes them a plug’n’play unit for your Z. You do have to change the ends of the cables and they come with the alternator. The T plug in doesn’t get used. NOTE: A special heavy duty belt must be purchased with these units. See listing for your year.

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Weight 15 lbs
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