Crank Pulley Rebuilt 74-78

Code: 10298-NEN

If we don’t already have a pulley in stock it takes about 2 weeks to get one back from the rebuilder. We only put the timing mark on the right side of the pulley when we rebuild them. We add a 200.00 core charge at the time of checkout. The core you send back must be free of defects in the metal. No cracks, chips, or severe wear will be accepted. Help us keep the core program alive. Cores are rare. Please return your cores to us immediately.


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Most crank pulleys are a 2 piece unit glued together with rubber. Through the years the rubber rots and one piece can shift on the other causing a vibration and a timing mark shift. This causes a multitude of problems which can usually be cured by rebuilding the unit. Our rebuilder uses silicone rubber which won’t rot, and goes to great lengths to make sure these pulleys are better than when they were new.

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Weight 7 lbs
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