Technical and Performance Services

Since 1986, Z Specialties has been working to restore and improve on the Nissan Fairlady Z. Since 1969 to present Datsun / Nissan have made several model changes.

Our goal is to preserve these early models and restore them to their former glory and perhaps, a little more. The Fairlady Z was designed to go fast and never break down.
If you just want a clean and reliable daily driver, we can supply any part and perform whatever technical repairs and improvements you need or desire.

And if you want a bit more oomph, we can build you a stroker monster with extreme G force handling. Yup, we can do that too.

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Z Specialties is a full-service repair shop, ranging from oil changes to engine rebuilds including full restorations.

We are skilled in the following levels of preparation:

  • Stock
  • Concourse/Factory Original
  • High Performance
  • Race and Custom Modifications

Turn your Z from mild to wild!

We can meet any performance level you desire. Many engine builders can do a good job, but few know that these L- series engines were derived from Mercedes diesel engines and require precise measurements.

They cannot be built as you would an American motor. Only the highest quality parts will go into your drive-train. Factory Nissan parts are the preferred choice. If they are not available, we will use the best OEM rebuilt and after-market parts. These parts often come from the original sub- contractors.

Here’s an example of an engine: triple Mikunis, balanced internals, our stage 2 cam, stiffer valve springs and ceramic coated 6-1 tuned headers. Do you want a reliable 200 BHP @ 7,000 RPM?

We refuse to do “cheap work” and you will keep your arms and legs.


Body and Paint

We will make sure that your sheet steel is cleaned and prepped. Removing any solvents and other material and using minimal body filler is the key. Notice the rust under the body filler near the drip rail.

Placing a magnet over the skin in various places can show where the filler is too thick, the magnet won’t stick. Many cars that come in with damage masked by the engine.

Here are but a few examples of collision work performed at our shop. You won't get a good paint job without wet block sanding either. Custom paintwork will make your ride shine. Old school pin stripping done by hand will take the
cake with craftsmanship.


If your dash lights go out, did you rear break lights go also? If so, there are many places that could be causing the short or a short fuse.

New Nissan wiring looms for Z cars are not available. Aftermarket products can be found but are they accurate enough and affordable? We have original looms that we inspect for usability and will install them correctly. There is no need to splice in dissimilar light sockets because we have the connectors.

If you can’t find lighting and wiper switches, the only choice is to rebuild them. We know the techniques necessary to make them last. We have the switches or can rebuild your parts.

Tip: To make your electrical sockets weather resistant, use a small amount of synthetic grease into the connections.


We can restore your original 240Z using the highest quality diamond vinyl on the market. Not even Nissan made it this good.

Choose from a virtual rainbow of colors to obtain the desired effect. If you are not satisfied with vinyl or Nauga hyde, we can install full leather interiors.

How many Z cars have that wonderful smell of fresh supple leather!

After an interior upgrade or heater core replacement, how do your kicks panels look?
We use insulated fiberboard to keep your feet cool from engine heat. With the correct openings and mount point, they always install correctly.

They have the added benefit of looking stock as well.
Replace ratty or faded vinyl. Update your 240Z with factory correct diamond vinyl, and step out from the rest. You can choose vinyl, velour, or real leather door panel inserts. Think about tan color wheel arches and matching leather seats. Visit our store for more.

We can meet your request for most material and color combinations, for the stock look or for that Concourse feel.